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Innovating Real-time Location & Sensor Solutions (RTLSS)

We provide you with…..

  • Cost-efficient & battery-operated hardware (no wiring needed).

  • Intuitive software platform to visualize data outputs.

  • Middleware with API / SDKs to easily access data on any other Cloud or software service.

How it works

Kickstart your RTLSS solution with just a few steps.

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Consult with us

Tell us about your project so we can provide curated RTLSS hardware and software solutions.


Contact us here.

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Set up RTLSS hardware

Adopt devices from our AetherMesh RTLSS suite (see here). We also supply other hardware pending customer needs to enable an end-to-end solution. 

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Aggregate & manage data on any software 

Use our ready-to-go software to visualize data outputs, or leverage our middleware to aggregate & manage normalized data on any 3rd party software. 

Our solution

Optimize your RTLSS
with AetherMesh

AetherMesh by AetherIoT runs on a fully meshed network. Location tags and environmental sensors collect RTLSS data and feed it to router nodes (anchors), which transmit the data to the gateway through 'hops' along each node.

Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 9.43.08 PM.png

Here's a bit more about how AetherMesh works.

RTLSS use cases by industry


Inventory Checking_edited_edited.jpg

Warehouse pallet tracking to ensure delivery speed and accuracy.

Grocery / Cold-Storage Logistics

Grocery Shopping_edited.jpg

Asset / worker tracking, temperature / humidity sensoring of goods; auto-updating electronic-shelf-labels (ESL).

Read our white papers here and here.

Oil & Gas


Worker tracking and environment sensoring to ensure workplace health & safety and optimize machine usage.


Construction Sites_edited.jpg

Worker, machine, and environment tracking and sensoring to ensure safety, structural integrity, and full utilization of resources.

Read our white paper here.


Hospital Corridor_edited.jpg

Staff and patient tracking and fall detection; medical equipment tracking (e.g., surgery tools).

Read our white paper here.


Trucks Parked In Line_edited.jpg

Tracking & sensoring pallets on vehicles during transit to mitigate shrinkages and preserve quality.

Read our white paper here.

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